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We know that you value your money and want to spend less on your heating and cooling costs whenever possible. That’s why our team at The Heat Pump Store is happy to provide you with information about these significant rebates and cash incentives.

Because ductless heat pumps represent the highest level of efficiency, utilities may offer financial incentives to help you pay for your system! Most Pacific Northwest utilities are encouraging the use of inverter-driven ductless heat pumps to displace electric resistance heat. See what you qualify for here! 

Examples of Rebates & Savings

With the variety of energy efficiency and rebate programs available, it is easy to save money with ductless heat pumps. Here is an example of potential savings, combining several available rebates for qualified customers (note that every situation is different, and this is just one example):

  • Manufacturer’s Rebate: $300
  • Portland General Electric Approved Contractor Rebate: $200
  • Energy Trust of Oregon Incentive: $800
  • TOTAL SAVINGS: $1,300

You can feel good about your choice to invest in a ductless heating system, as it will not only save you money and improve your energy efficiency, but also make a positive contribution to our goal to help improve our environment.

Finding Heat Pump System Rebates through Manufacturers’ Websites

Many of our preferred heat pump system manufacturers offer rebates and incentives on a regular basis. The majority of heat pump manufacturer rebates are “instant” rebates. Our Team will always help make sure that you are getting all rebates that are available to you.

In addition to manufacturer rebates, most manufacturer websites will also provide information on potential utility rebates and tax credits in your area.

Daikin Rebates

Daikin makes it easy to find eligible rebates through an easy-to-navigate website. Simply head to their rebates page, plug in your zip code, and type “heat pump” into the search bar. Potential rebates and tax incentives will populate the page. You can further search for your specific model number or filter by type of incentive.

Fujitsu Rebates

Another one of our preferred manufacturers, Fujitsu, also offers a page to search for applicable rebates and incentives. The process is similar to Daikin’s: You’ll type in your zip code and product or model number to see what you may be eligible for.

Finding Heat Pump System Utility Rebates & Tax Credits

Many individual utilities offer incentives or rebates to encourage consumers to replace inefficient heating and cooling equipment. All of these incentives have eligibility guidelines which can change regularly. Our staff is expert at helping you determine which rebates your home may qualify for.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest you can visit the premier website for information on ductless heat pumps at In addition to information about the many benefits of ductless heat pump you will also find a directory of individual incentives for over 120 electric utilities in our region.

EnergyStar’s website also offers a place to search for rebates and incentives. Just type in your zip code, and the website will list all current rebates offered by the state of Oregon, as well as those by the federal government.

Current Rebates and Incentives

Several of the utility rebates and incentives currently available (as of March 2021) are listed below:

$500 cash incentive from EnergyTrust of Oregon for replacing electric heating equipment with a ductless heat pump system.

Up to $300 tax credit for installing a heat pump system in an existing home serves as your principal residence.

Receive a low-cost loan from EnergyTrust of Oregon, Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, or NW Natural through nonprofit lender Craft3 for purchasing and installing a heat pump system.

Rebate and Incentive Eligibility

It’s essential to read through the details of any rebate or incentive. Some incentives cannot be combined with others. Others have expiration dates that may require you to purchase by a specific date. For almost all incentives or rebates, you’ll need to submit the particular paperwork within a particular period after purchase — usually around 60 days.

As the Heat Pump experts of the Pacific Northwest, we always want to make sure the products we sell and services we offer fit into any budget. That’s why we also offer promotions and financing options of our own. Give us a call today at 877-509-2961 to learn more.

About Portland General Electric Rebates

Portland is helping its residents turn towards renewable energy systems by offering residential energy efficiency rebate programs. These rebates can make energy efficient, ductless heating systems more affordable for everyone.

As a proud PGE Approved Contractor we offer a $200 Instant Rebate to all PGE Customers on the purchase of a new ductless heat pump system, regardless of your existing home heat source!

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