Have a broken ductless heat pump? Let The Heat Pump Store service and repair your ductless heat pump. Our crack team of ductless heat pump repair technicians are factory trained, highly qualified and know this technology inside and out.

The Heat Pump Store charges a diagnostic fee to come to your home and give things a look over. If repairs are needed, these will be quoted to you before any additional work is done.  Most manufacturers of ductless equipment offer a warranty on the parts ONLY. This means the service labor is not typically covered, and is your responsibility. Have questions?  Give us a call or email us, and we can work with you to try to figure out the best plan of action. Currently, our repair services are limited to OR and WA.

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Heat Pump Service Repairs

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Understanding Why & When It Happens

This is, perhaps, the most important thing to know. Heating during periods of near freezing weather, will cause the coil on the outdoor unit to accumulate frost. Don’t worry. Your ductless heat pump is designed to “defrost” itself automatically.

During this defrost mode, the indoor fan stops and a light on the unit may come on or start blinking. This is normal and you should not try to interrupt or override this function.

During the defrost mode, you may notice water below or around the outdoor unit. This is normal.
It is also normal for unusual sounds to come out of both the indoor and outdoor units. You may hear “whirring”,

“clicking”, “rushing fluid”, etc. These sounds can be the result of thermal expansion and/or refrigerant movement.

At the outdoor unit, you may also hear the compressor make more noise than normal (without the fan running). At the end of the defrost function (typically 5 to 15 minutes), the unit should return to normal heating operation.

Under certain conditions (cold with high humidity), your unit may go into defrost repeatedly. This may reduce system capacity and your comfort. You may need to supplement heating with use of your secondary heating source.