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Heat Pump Maintenance Service


Don’t like chores? Let us care for your ductless heat pump for you! The Heat Pump Store offers complete maintenance programs for ductless heat pumps that help provide for years of reliable heating and cooling operation..

Annual maintenance is truly beneficial to the ongoing operation of your heat pump. During your annual service visit we will:

  • Clean the primary filters on the indoor unit
  • Remove and clean secondary filters and offer replacements for your purchase (these filters should be replaced annually)
  • Clean and treat the indoor coils using compressed air, coil brushes, and disinfectant
  • Check the balance on the fan motor and blower assembly. Clean and adjust if needed.
  • Clean the outdoor unit and remove debris around the unit, on the coil, and in the drain pan, ensuring that the drain hole is free from blockage.
  • Check the outdoor unit including:
    •  Visible indication of refrigerant leaks
    •  Condition of insulation wraps
    •  Mounting base for solidity and levelness
    •  Operating pressures and voltages
    •  Temperature splits on both indoor and outdoor units at test/max operation

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