Heat Pump Installation


The Heat Pump Store is a national leader in the installation of ductless heat pump technology. We continually set the bar for innovation and quality in ductless heat pump installation. Don’t just take our word for it, see our list of credentials below.

At The Heat Pump Store, our goal is to create installations that are simple and effective, and that last for many, many years.

Our installations always make use of the best quality installation materials and techniques. We seek out new materials as they are introduced, we test each of them, and incorporate them only after they have been proven to meet our rigorous standards. This ensures we stay on the cutting edge.

Our installations always take into account site-specific considerations.  Every property is different, and unique environmental conditions are taken into consideration that could impact equipment performance and reliability.

Our installations are always cost-effective.  We don’t believe in unnecessary or excessive installations. After all, this technology was invented to provide savings and comfort.

Our easy installation system offers three levels of price and sophistication to choose from:



This is our lowest cost, most efficient installation.  Also called “Up-and-In”, this installation involves placing the outdoor unit directly opposite from the indoor unit on the same exterior wall. This installation uses the least amount of materials and labor–it is the most cost effective way to install a ductless heat pump.



This is our mid-priced option. A close cousin to the super-simple installation, this method is used when a customer wants the outdoor unit placed in a specific location, further away from the indoor unit. The difference in price allows for more labor and materials to be used toward locating the two units further apart.


Have it your way! If you want to place the indoor unit on an interior wall, this is the option for you. Assuming your vision can be safely and reliably installed, we can almost always fulfill your dream. This option typically costs more, but if makes you happy, it is worth it!

In addition to the three options above, we have several other installation considerations:

Outdoor Unit Mounting Options:



This is the typical installation option with regard to the installation of the outdoor unit. We use this method approximately 90% of the time. The Heat Pump Store has pioneered several simple ways to make our ground installations stay level and firm for many, many years.



This technique is more common in Europe and Asia. We love it, because it ensures that the unit stays level and has good draining and airflow. The Heat Pump Store has pioneered several techniques to prevent noise and vibration from being a problem. This technique is very useful on sloped yards, narrow side yards (with limited set-back), and areas with lots of prized landscaping (that makes it hard to use the ground mounted option).

Indoor unit options:



This is the most common type of indoor unit. The reason is as follows: it is the lowest price option, the most energy efficient option, the most powerful option, the quietest option, the most EVERYTHING option. Need I say more?



This option is so great, because we find there are some cases when we cannot use a wall mounted option, for example: attic rooms, rooms with lots of windows, and more. Its great to have this as a fall back.



This is our least favorite option. Why? Because it is the most expensive, the least efficient, and the loudest option. People are drawn to this option because they think it will be the most visually appealing for their room. Don’t be fooled! We help customers get comfortable with the wall mounted option instead…and they thank us for it! There are some instances when the ceiling unit makes great sense, like commercial offices or homes with “drop ceilings”. Also, finished attics can sometimes require this type of unit, and it is nice to have this option.



These units are much like the ceiling recessed units, in that they are more expensive and less–well, everything. Contrary to what most people think, concealed ducted units are not able to have very much ductwork attached to them; therefore they have limited applications. However, they can be a great solution for some applications (if you are willing to pay for it); We like to install these types of units in the ceilings of large closets, and make use of a small air vent grill to have air blow into the room.

To learn what installation is right for your home or office, click here to contact one of our Ductless Heat Pump experts or call 877-509-2961.

We are Professional, Master Installers

  • We are licensed in Oregon (#177229) and Washington (#HEATPPS892DB).
  • We are “Master Installers” in the NW Ductless Heat Pump Project, and in 2009 we were named the Top Ductless Heat Pump Installer in this regional utility program.
  • We are bonded and insured. We take our work seriously and we treat you and your property with respect.