The best way to keep your energy bills low is to combine HVAC rebates for ductless mini-split systems. Whether you’re keeping your house warm in the winter or cool in the summer, a traditional HVAC system can send energy costs through the roof. In order to make the most of your energy budget this year, get more information about cost-saving rebates, and see which ones apply to you. By taking advantage of rebates and incentives for a new ductless heating and cooling system for your home, you can cut down on costly bills.

How Do I Qualify for a Rebate?

You may be surprised at the variety of rebates available for you. From the moment you purchase a ductless mini-split system, you may be eligible for multiple rebates. Rebates can come in the form of instant cash, discounts added directly to your energy bill or a mail-in rebate. Some rebates come directly from the manufacturer, utility companies, or from a non-profit organization that offers incentives to switch to energy-efficient systems.

Most rebates from manufacturers are determined by the particular system you buy, while incentives like those from utility companies are specific to your city or state. Most areas have their own rebate offers, so check with local energy companies and non-profit organizations that offer incentives for efficient energy use to find the best rebates in your area, or call us at The Heat Pump Store and let us help you identify all rebates and incentives that you may be qualified for!

Guide to PG&E and Other HVAC Rebates for a Ductless Heating & Cooling System

Manufacturer Rebates

Explore available rebates from ductless mini-split manufacturers. Brands like Daikin, LG, and Mitsubishi frequently offer great rebates for mini-split heat pumps. Large rebates may even allow you to upgrade to a more energy-efficient model, so take a look before purchasing. Check out our promotions page to see what current deals we are offering!

Portland General Electric (PGE) Rebates

Portland General Electric (PGE) has excellent resources available for anyone in the Portland area. These rebates are specifically designed to give you access to more energy-efficient units. Be sure to work with a PGE-approved contractor like The Heat Pump Store. HVAC rebates from Portland General Electric can help you save money and improve the environment.

Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB) Rebates

EWEB offers some wonderful incentives to switch to a ductless mini-split. Do you currently have cadets, baseboards, zonal electric heat, or an electric furnace? If so, you qualify for up to a $650 rebate. Imagine those savings combined with the efficiency and complete year-round comfort of a ductless heat pump!

Pacific Power Rebates

Are you a Pacific Power customer? Do you have a forced-air furnace or zonal electric heat? If you answered yes, you could qualify for up to $800 in rebates through Pacific Power. Not only will you be getting a rebate from Pacific Power, but you will also be saving up to 50% on your heating bills. Also- you will be able to efficiently cool your home in the summer!

Snohomish County Public Utilities

SnoPUD offers incredible rebates for homeowners with zonal electric or electric furnaces. The rebate is up to $600 when installing a ductless heat pump to offset these inefficient HVAC systems.

Energy Trust of Oregon

Another excellent Oregon-based rebate provider is Energy Trust of Oregon. This organization offers energy-saving projects and materials, handy energy savings estimators, and rebates for purchasing ductless heat pumps. However, this rebate is also only available through a trade ally contractor, so be sure to hire only professional, certified contractors.

Contact The Heat Pump Store Today

Don’t let harsh winters or blistering summers leave you with a massive electric bill. Contact The Heat Pump Store today to learn more about all the rebates available. Get in touch with professional contractors who are PGE-approved. Our friendly and informative specialists are happy to answer your calls and messages and can help you maximize your rebates while installing any heat pumps from brands we offer. With great rebates on a brand new energy-efficient unit, your energy bills can be more affordable all year.