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Ductless Heat Pump Installation in Oregon & Washington

The Heat Pump Store is a national leader in the installation of ductless heat pump technology. We continually set the bar for innovation and quality in ductless heat pump installation. Don’t just take our word for it, see our list of credentials below.

We offer ductless heating and cooling installation services to residents of Oregon and Washington. Some of our products come with rebates through your utility provider and we always offer the best warranty available from the manufacturer. Our expert technicians can complete the installation quickly and efficiently, leaving you and your space with reliable comfort for years to come.

We hire employees who are passionate about staying on the cutting edge of the ductless heating and cooling industry. Each of our staff members has access to extensive ongoing training to stay up to date with the newest industry standards. We take every aspect of your property into consideration to work with any pre-existing conditions that could affect the installation process.

Most importantly, we focus on efficiency and cost-friendly practices. We won’t install anything that we don’t believe will help you meet your heating and cooling needs. We guarantee maximum comfort and savings.

10,000 Installations and counting!

At The Heat Pump Store, our goal is to create installations that are simple, effective, and provide comfort for years to come.

  • Our installations always make use of the best quality installation materials and techniques. We seek out new materials as they are introduced, we test each of them, and incorporate them only after they have been proven to meet our rigorous standards. This ensures we stay on the cutting edge.
  • Our installations always take into account site-specific considerations. Every property is different, and unique environmental conditions are taken into consideration that could impact equipment performance and reliability.
  • Our installations are always cost-effective. We don’t believe in unnecessary or excessive installations. After all, this technology was invented to provide savings and comfort.

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Why Choose The Heat Pump Store?

At The Heat Pump Store, our goal is to create installations that are simple and effective – and that last for many, many years. All we do is ductless, and we do it right! Here are a few more great reasons to choose our team when you need heat pump installation services:

We are professional, master installers.

We are licensed in Oregon (#177229) and Washington (#HEATPPS892DB).
We are “Master Installers” with the NW Ductless Heat Pump Project.
We are bonded and insured. We take our work seriously and we treat you and your property with respect.

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