Frontline Heroes Giveaway!

Nominate a friend, family member, neighbor, or community member who has continued to work on the frontline throughout the current pandemic as an essential worker.  Tell us why you have nominated them to receive a free installation and one of Daikin’s top tier ductless heat pumps. Submit your nominee by:

Posting on our Facebook page


Emailing us at

Submit your nominee by July 7th, 2020 @ 4PM PST

The Heat Pump Store will choose 3 finalists and will present these finalists through Facebook for a vote.  Voting will begin on Facebook on July 10th, 2020 @ 4PM PST and will end July 17th, 2020 @ 4PM PST.  Voting will be counted by likes (1 like = 1 vote) on each post.  Invite your friends and family to vote for your nominee!

*The nominee must live within 60 miles from one of The Heat Pump Store’s three locations (Springfield, Independence, and Portland). The nominee must be an essential employee (doctors, nurses, care facility worker, grocery store worker, mail carrier, HVAC technician, etc)

**Outdoor model unit is RXG12HVJU. Indoor unit used is FTXG12HVJU. It has a SEER rating of 24.2 and a HSPF of 10.6. Manufacturer warranty is 12 years parts and compressor. The Daikin Quaternity with installation is valued at $5,446.00.  By law The Heat Pump Store shall be required to collect the winner’s social security number and issue an IRS 1099 form in the amount of $5,446.00 for tax purposes.