Financing Options at The Heat Pump Store

The Heat Pump Store has partnered with Synchrony Financial to bring our customers four great financing options for qualified buyers:

  • No monthly interest if the balance is paid in full within 12 months (deferred interest).
  • 5.99% APR until paid in full, with fixed monthly payments of 4.00% of the financed amount. Estimated payoff period is 27 months.
  • 7.99% APR until paid in full, with fixed monthly payments of 3.00% of the financed amount. Estimated payoff period is 38 months.
  • 9.99% APR until paid in full, with fixed monthly payments of 1.75% of the financed amount. Estimated payoff period is 78 months.

To see if you qualify, give us a call at (877) 509-2961, or click here to go directly to the Synchrony Financial website to apply online.

Once you have an approved Synchrony account number, we can simply bill your new Synchrony Financial account for, full Installation Services, DIY with contractor assistance projects, or the Ductless Care Plan–it’s that easy!


About Synchrony Financial

Synchrony Financial is one of the nation’s largest consumer financial services companies, dating back over 80 years. You can rest assured that you are doing business with a strong and reputable financial services company when you turn to Synchrony Financial. Click here to apply now!

Other Heat Pump Financing Options 

While the terms of the financing we offer through Synchrony Financial are difficult to beat, we understand that there may be interest in understanding other ways to potentially finance your new heat pump system. We encourage all of our customers to research the best financing options for their needs. If you have any questions about our financing, make sure to give us a call. 

Credit Cards 

Credit cards offer you a way to make large purchases and then make monthly payments to lower the balance. If you already have a credit card with an interest rate lower than what we offer through Synchrony Financial, this may be a suitable option for you. Several credit cards also offer the specific option to finance large purchases. However, interest rates can be variable, and you should check the terms of your specific credit card before choosing this option. 

Additionally, many credit cards have introductory promotional periods of extremely low or no interest for applying for a new credit card. Some of these cards may also come with rewards like cashback, rewards points, or travel miles. 

Personal Loans or Line of Credit 

Your bank, credit union, or other financial institution may offer personal loans to lines of credit to qualified members. A loan is when your financial institution gives you a specific amount of money that you pay back, with interest, every month until the balance is paid in full. What we offer through Synchrony Financial is very similar to a personal loan. 

A personal line of credit, though, is more akin to a credit card but without a physical card. Your financial institution offers you a revolving amount of funds that you can borrow from as needed. When you borrow money, you’ll then begin to make monthly payments, including interest, to pay down the balance. 

You should check with your preferred financial institution to see what the terms are of any personal loan or line of credit. They’ll also help you understand if you qualify for either financial product. 

Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit 

The last option is a home equity loan or line of credit. These types of financing are loans or lines of credit that are secured by the equity in your home. So, if you don’t own a home or if you don’t yet have much equity in your home, you likely won’t qualify. 

However, these financial products can offer low interest rates and provide for higher loan amounts than a traditional unsecured personal loan or line of credit. A revolving line of credit can also act as a good source of backup funds should your life experience unexpected events that require significant funds. For instance, many people use Home Equity Lines of Credit to finance home improvements.

Since these types of financial products are secured by your home, though, you should make sure to read through and understand the terms of any home equity loan or line of credit before signing any documents. You should only apply for these types of financial products through trusted financial institutions. 

The Benefits of Financing Your Heat Pump

Utilizing our ductless heat pump financing program can help make a new heat pump accessible on nearly any budget. Financing a ductless heat pump installation lets you make reasonable payments over time to make it a more manageable cost. Many of our customers tell us that the savings they experience on their monthly electricity bill is greater than the monthly payment on their heat pump! Our financing options have a variety of interest rates and payment plans, making comfort and efficiency attainable for everyone. Click here to apply now!

Financing a Ductless Heat System from the Heat Pump Store 

You deserve a comfortable home or business, and we look forward to helping you through our financing options or through encouraging you to research options on your own. To see how we can help, call us today at 877-509-2961 or click here to apply directly through Synchrony Financial. 

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