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Ductless Heat Pumps

ductless heat pump contractors in eugene oregonHouses that have radiant panels, space heaters or hot water heat systems do not have ductwork for carrying conditioned air. If you want to refit this kind of home with new heating and cooling, you’ll either have to install ductwork (an expensive and difficult proposition) or you can use a ductless heat pump system. They’re also useful when you’re adding rooms or other additions.

How They Work

Ductless heat pumps (also known as mini splits) have two main parts, the air handling unit on the inside of the home and the condenser/compressor on the outside. A line carries the refrigerant, power and condensate drain between the two units.

Ductless Heat Pump Pros

Ductless systems reduce costs by operating with 25% to 50% less energy than electric resistance and forced air systems. Three key factors account for the high efficiency of a ductless system:

1. Ductless systems allow the user to control each heating/cooling zone independently, eliminating the costly over-heating and cooling common to central air systems. Why pay to heat or cool rooms that are not currently occupied?

2. While central air systems lose as much as 30% efficiency through air leaks and conduction in the ductwork, ductless systems distribute air directly to each zone, resulting in 25% greater efficiency.
Ductless systems use inverter-driven, variable speed compressors that allow the system to maintain constant indoor temperatures by running continuously at higher or lower speeds. Thus, the system can ramp-up or down without great losses in operating efficiency, avoiding the energy intensive on/off cycling common in electric resistance and forced air systems.

3. Modern ductless systems have ultra-high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER) between 16 and 22, and Heating Seasonal Performance Factors (HSPF) between 8.5 and 11.

Annual Energy Savings:
The Regional Technical Forum estimates that a ductless heating and cooling system in a single-family home with zonal electric heat saves 3,500 kWh annually. The average cost per kWh in the Northwest is $0.08, meaning a ductless upgrade can save you approximately $280 per year.

Great Versatility:
Homeowners get a lot of benefits from using ductless heat pumps. For one thing, their small size means they’re extremely flexible, making them appropriate for single rooms or establishing a zoning system throughout a home. When you’re using ductless heat pumps as part of a zoning system, this allows you to set the specific temperature for each zone, slashing your energy bills.

Easy to Install:
Ductless heat pumps are fairly easy to install as compared with many other air-conditioning systems. A ductless heat pump only needs a three-inch hole through which the line between the inside and outside units passes. Since the line can be as much as 50 feet long, the outdoor unit can be a good distance away from the air handling unit it’s supplying with refrigerant (allowing you to hide the outdoor unit).

Energy Efficient:

The conditioned air traveling through ductwork systems often loses a lot of energy through leaks or heat transfer. This is particularly the case when the ductwork travels through unconditioned spaces like attics or crawlspaces. Because ductless heat pumps don’t have ductwork, they are far more energy-efficient, particularly if they are ENERGY STAR® compliant.

More Design Options:Ductless Heat Pumps in Eugene OR

Another great thing about ductless heat pumps is that they offer more options when it comes to interior design. The area numbers can be on the wall or mounted to the ceiling. There also floor models to choose from. Some systems even come with a remote control to make operating the unit easier and more convenient.

Ductless Heat Pump Cons

It Has To Be Carefully Sized:

When the contractor is installing the system, it’s important that the correct size and location be selected. Too big is just as bad as too small, since an over-sized unit will cycle on and off frequently, which wastes energy. You’ll also be spending more money simply to buy unnecessarily large units. We are the experts and will only recommend the best unit for your space, call us for a free home inspection so we can show you how a new Ductless Heat Pump will be the best investment that you can make in your home for years to come.

A bit more noticeable than vents:

While less obvious than a window air conditioner, there’s no question that the indoor units for ductless heat pumps are much more noticeable than the built-in vents and registers that would connect to the ductwork of a central air-conditioning system.

Harder to Find Installers:

It’s not easy to find experienced installers for ductless heat pumps. But rest assured you are in good hands, this is what we do and we are Master Installers and the most experienced ductless heat pump contractors in the Pacific Northwest. Don’t take any chances with your home call us to find out why we have installed 1000’s of Ductless heat pumps in Oregon and Washington.

Ductless Heat Pumps Eugene Oregon