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Regular Maintenance Can:

  • Increase airflow & enhance overall system operation
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Optimize energy efficiency/cost savings
  • Reduce the potential for downtime due to unexpected failures
  • Increase equipment life, thereby protecting your investment
  • Discounted annual (or bi-annual) maintenance costs
  • Priority scheduling of problem service calls
  • A 15% discount off any needed repairs
  • A reminder call from our office when it’s time for your annual maintenance
  • $200 discount on any new ductless heat pump purchase

Inspect, Test & Perform Other Maintenance Adjustments As Needed:

  • Test fan motor & blower assembly for operational balance, adjust if needed
  • Inspect refrigeration lines for visible signs of damage or leakage, repair if needed
  • Verify indoor & outdoor units remain level
  • Verify integrity of visible insulation wraps
  • Inspect electrical connections & check operating voltages
  • Check operating pressures as needed
  • Measure output temperatures in heating & cooling modes
  • Test each remote function
  • Wipe down the protective casing on indoor & outdoor unit
  • Remove leaves & debris from around the outdoor unit to ensure proper drainage
  • Wash away contaminants, dust & particles from the indoow & outdoor refrigerant coils (as needed with a combination of compressed air, coil brushes, coil cleaner, & water)
  • Remove & clean primary (& any secondary) air filters or other IAQ components
  • Flush & clean condensate collection system & drain
  • Clean or replace protective condensate drain screening material
  • Dust fan motor & blower assembly where accessible

Performing Your Own Heat Pump Maintenance

It’s important to have yearly or twice-yearly professional maintenance conducted on your ductless heat pump. This ensures your system is running properly, and our skilled technicians can dive deeper into the heat pump’s operation than you can on your own.

However, in between maintenance service visits, there are steps you can take to help resolve minor issues and keep your heat pump operating smoothly:

  • Clean your air filters every one or two months by removing the filters and using the brush attachment on your vacuum to sweep up any dirt, dust, or debris.
  • Check your outdoor unit for debris, such as branches, leaves, or dirt, and brush away or remove as necessary.
  • If you live near the coast, wash the outdoor unit every couple of months to rinse away built-up saltwater deposits.

Signs You May Need Additional Service Repairs

Another way to help ensure your heat pump system works as it should is to notice signs of repair and reach out to us promptly to schedule a service plan. As stated above, subscribing to one of our maintenance plans benefits you greatly with this as you’ll receive priority scheduling and a 15% discount off needed repairs.

So, make sure to reach out to us if you notice any of these potential issues:

  • The heat pump system won’t start
  • The display says the system is operating, but you don’t feel any air coming out of the indoor unit.
  • The airflow is not as strong as it once was.
  • Everything seems to be working as it should, but you can’t get your home or business to a comfortable temperature.
  • Either the indoor unit or the system’s remote control is displaying an error code.

However, even these signs may not mean you need to call a service technician to assess the issue. You may, in fact, be able to rectify the situation by performing some basic troubleshooting:

  • Perform a hard reset by turning the system off via the remote then flipping off the breaker panel for the system for at least ten minutes. Then flip the breaker back on and power on the unit. It should take around 20 minutes for the system to recalibrate.
  • Check the fuse box and replace any malfunctioning fuses connected to the heat pump.
  • Replace the batteries in your heat pump remote.
  • As mentioned above, it’s essential to clean the air filters of the indoor unit at least once or twice a month using your vacuum’s brush attachment. If you have pets or small children, you should aim to do it every month.

Ductless Heat System Maintenance Plans from The Heat Pump Store

Due to its efficient operation, you should expect your heat pump to last for years to come. However, for it to reach that mark with strength and vigor, you should follow the preventative maintenance steps listed above. By having The Heat Pump Store as your maintenance partner, we can help extend the life of your heat pump, keep its operations efficient, and help you prevent costly repairs or replacement.

That said, our maintenance plans also help you out should you need repairs or replacement. You’ll receive discounts on both needed repairs and the purchase of a new heat pump system.

If you’re ready to help keep your heat pump system running efficiently, make sure to reach out to us today through the contact form below. Our cost-effective maintenance plans are available to help our Oregon customers keep their homes comfortable.

Plan Pricing*

Single Split System $129 annually — on the First (1) Outdoor Unit & (1) Indoor Unit
Additional Indoor Units $30 Each
Additional Outdoor Units $95
Pre-Paid Plan Visits Pre-purchase up to 3 years’ annual maintenance at plan pricing to protect against inflation

*Plans are transferable but not refundable

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