The right home climate has a significant effect on how much you enjoy your home. At the same time, factors such as energy efficiency and installation costs should play a part in your decision. How do ductless heating and cooling systems cost compare to other types of air conditioning?




Ductless Heat Pump Costs

The cost of installing ductless heating and cooling systems vary widely based on the complexity of the install, the amount of line set and labor needed, how large a system is needed, and what brand you choose. The best way to get an idea of what you will be spending is to contact our HVAC experts at The Heat Pump Store in Eugene, Portland, or Salem, Oregon to go over your specific situation.

Installation of a ductless heat pump, also known as a mini-split system, is a mildly invasive and quick process. An external unit sends wiring and refrigerant lines to the inside climate control unit via a 3” hole between home exterior and interior. No duct installation is required.

Heat Pump Price Considerations

The main features that affect the final price of a mini-split air conditioning system are the total BTU output, the number of zones (or indoor units), the brand of the ductless heat pump, and the labor and materials needed for a professional installation.

Higher HSPF ratings typically mean increased purchase price, but lower monthly energy bills. Mini-split systems can result in energy savings of 25 to 50 percent compared to other traditional systems.

Heat Pump vs AC Systems: Benefits Comparison

Installing a ductless heat pump provides optimal cost savings and comfort. Here’s why:

  • Added security: Window AC units may expose your home to dangers from thieves. Ductless heat pumps install easily but safely into its structure instead.
  • Reduced installation costs: Heat pump installation is far more straightforward than duct installation, taking less time and a lower investment for project completion.
  • Smarter energy usage: Why pay money to keep the entire home chilled if you’re not using most of the rooms? With zone-based heating and cooling, you only use the energy you need.
  • Heating and cooling functionality: Unlike many air conditioners, heat pumps keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, meaning you don’t need to purchase two separate appliances.

How to Save Even More: Opt for Our Exclusive DIY With Assistance Program

At The Heat Pump Store, we adapt entirely to your needs. In addition to helping you select the energy-efficient heating and cooling system that is right for your home, our experienced professionals are prepared to handle all aspects of your installation, no matter how complex.

If cost saving is of maximum importance, we also have a solution for homeowners with skills and drills. Our DIY With Assistance package provides clear installation instructions and the professional equipment and accessories required to tackle heat pump installation yourself. This can cut costs by up to $1,000. Whichever option fits your plans best, contact us right away for assistance or call 877-509-2961

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