LG Mini-Split Heat Pumps

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Why Choose LG

LG has become synonymous with quality when it comes to in-home comfort. Their ductless cooling and heating systems feature sleek designs and unbeatable performance. The brand uses, “Life’s Good,” as a slogan, and they prove it with every product they make.

LG Brand: History, Mission, and Values

LG has been a trusted brand since its inception in 1947. The brand has a razor sharp focus on enhancing lives by providing quality and value to consumers. They’re dedicated to helping their consumers live the good life, and they do it through a commitment to five pillars:

  •         Global thinking
  •         Focus on tomorrow
  •         Clean, effective energy
  •         Commitment to humanity
  •         Innovative technology

LG sticks to their fundamentals, and the brand expresses sensible decision making in everything they do. This effort has led them to create top of the line products to fit into any living situation.

LG Products

LG is dedicated to making life better for their customers. That goal has led them to create products that are both effective and beautiful. Their specialties include a variety of home products, and clean living starts with high-quality air.

LG Ductless Heating Systems

This is a monumental technological advancement for those living in the Pacific Northwest. Indoor and outdoor units come in various styles to fit your home, and they offer unparalleled efficiency and control.

Single Zone Systems

These are perfect for your home or smaller commercial space. Each system includes an outdoor unit matched to an indoor unit. As usual, many styles are available.

Multi-Zone Systems

These systems provide greater control for up to eight separate zones. Your systems can be set up with non-ducted technology.

LG Heating and Cooling Products in Oregon

The Heat Pump Store specializes in the sale and installation of LG products. In fact, we’re proud to be an LG Excellence Contractor. We treat LG with the attention to detail we give all of our specially chosen brands. After we select it as a trusted brand, we made sure to learn all the ins and outs of their products. That means we’re as great at servicing and repairing LG technology as we are at installing it.

Since 2007 we’ve performed over 9,000 installations and helped out on countless service calls. We currently serve the Willamette Valley, the Oregon Coast, the Portland Metropolitan Area, Vancouver and Southwest Washington, Tacoma, Everett, and Eugene, Oregon. Contact us today with any questions about LG products or services.

Multi-Zone Outdoor Units

  • LMU18CHV
  • LMU24CHV
  • LMU30CHV
  • LMU36CHV

High Capacity Multi-Zone Outdoor Units

  • LMU180HHV
  • LMU240HHV
  • LMU300HHV

High Wall Multi-Zone Indoor Units- Art Cool Gallery

  • LMAN097HVP
  • LMAN127HVP

LG Art Cool Gallery

High Wall Multi-Zone Indoor Units- Mirrored

  • LAN090HSV5
  • LAN120HSV5
  • LAN180HSV5

LG Art Cool Mirror

High Wall Multi-Zone Indoor Units- Regular white

  • LMN079HVT
  • LSN090HSV5
  • LSN120HSV5
  • LMN159HVT
  • LSN180HSV5
  • LMN249HVT


Single Zone High Wall Systems (Outdoor / Indoor)

  • LSU090HSV5 / LSN090HSV5
  • LSU120HSV5 / LSN120HSV5
  • LSU180HSV5 / LSN180HSV5
  • LAU180HYV1 / LAN180HYV1
  • LAU240HYV1 / LAN240HYV1
  • LSU363HLV / LSN363HLV


High Capacity Single Zone High Wall Systems (Outdoor / Indoor)

  • LAU090HYV1 / LAN090HYV1
  • LAU120HYV1 / LAN120HYV1
  • LAU150HYV2 / LAN15HYV2
  • LAU180HYV2 / LAN180HYV2

LG artcool premier

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