LG Mini-Split Heat Pumps

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Why Choose LG

LG has become synonymous with quality when it comes to in-home comfort. Their ductless cooling and heating systems feature sleek designs and unbeatable performance. The brand uses, “Life’s Good,” as a slogan, and they prove it with every product they make.

The Heat Pump Store is proud to offer LG due to the incredible workmanship and reliability of their product. Why do we think that you will love the LG duct-free systems?

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose An LG Ductless System:

    1. Stylish design including a temperature and mode readout
    2. Impressively wide BTU/Hr output range
    3. Gold Fin Anti-Corrosion coating for coastal conditions
    4. Optional Wi-Fi adapter for seamless control with your smartphone or tablet
    5. Heating performance down to -13 degrees with 100% rated capacity down to 5 degrees.

Multi-Zone Outdoor Units

  • LMU18CHV
  • LMU24CHV
  • LMU30CHV
  • LMU36CHV

High Capacity Multi-Zone Outdoor Units

  • LMU180HHV
  • LMU240HHV
  • LMU300HHV

High Wall Multi-Zone Indoor Units- Art Cool Gallery

  • LMAN097HVP
  • LMAN127HVP

LG Art Cool Gallery

High Wall Multi-Zone Indoor Units- Mirrored

  • LAN090HSV5
  • LAN120HSV5
  • LAN180HSV5

LG Art Cool Mirror

High Wall Multi-Zone Indoor Units- Regular white

  • LMN079HVT
  • LSN090HSV5
  • LSN120HSV5
  • LMN159HVT
  • LSN180HSV5
  • LMN249HVT


Single Zone High Wall Systems (Outdoor / Indoor)

  • LSU090HSV5 / LSN090HSV5
  • LSU120HSV5 / LSN120HSV5
  • LSU180HSV5 / LSN180HSV5
  • LAU180HYV1 / LAN180HYV1
  • LAU240HYV1 / LAN240HYV1
  • LSU363HLV / LSN363HLV


LG RED High Capacity Single Zone High Wall Systems (Outdoor / Indoor)

  • LAU090HYV1 / LAN090HYV1
  • LAU120HYV1 / LAN120HYV1
  • LAU150HYV2 / LAN15HYV2
  • LAU180HYV2 / LAN180HYV2

LG artcool premier

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