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Why The Heat Pump Store Loves Daikin

We pride ourselves on offering the highest-quality products and services to our customers. We have searched the world over to work with the best manufacturers in the business to provide efficient and long-lasting HVAC solutions. Our commitment to excellence is supported by the Daikin brand. Daikin offers incredible ductless heating and cooling units to satisfy a wide array of needs. In 2017, The Heat Pump Store was given the #1 Daikin dealer in North America award.

The Top 7 Reasons to Choose Daikin Heat Pumps & Cooling Units:

  1. Sleek and versatile design for any home’s aesthetic
  2. Blue Fin coating to protect outdoor units against coastal conditions
  3. Straightforward remote control
  4. Extraordinary service support
  5. Great for whole-home and multi-zone applications
  6. Incredibly durable and dependable
  7. Superior efficiency

Daikin Products

Emura Indoors Heads for Multi-Zone Systems Only in Matte White and Silver


Daikin Emura Heads

High Capacity Single Zone High Wall Systems (Outdoor / Indoor) Daikan Aurora


Daikin Aurora

Single Zone High Wall Systems (Outdoor / Indoor)



Single Zone Floor Mounted Systems (Outdoor / Indoor)


Daikin FVXS

High on the Wall Indoor Heads for Multi-Zone Systems


Daikin LV Indoor Head

Floor Mounted Indoor Heads for Multi-Zone Systems


Daikin Floor

Multi-Zone Outdoor Units


MXS Outdoor- Multi

Enhanced Capacity Multi-Zone Outdoor Units


MXS Outdoor- Multi

Daikin North America

Daikin takes great pride in being the world’s leading air conditioning company. Their products are sold in over 140 countries globally, including all throughout North America. The company began in 1924, and ever since then, they’ve been committed to supporting the environment and enriching the quality of life by creating cutting-edge heating and cooling solutions.

Daikin is committed to cultivating a healthy business environment, as well as protecting the natural environment in which we all live. Local employee hires fill roughly half of all management positions in their regional offices. This makes for a positive corporate culture and helps support local economies. Their focus on clean and temperate air is equaled only by their commitment to their employees and customers. Their efforts to increase the well-being of humanity go beyond their business dealings, as they work tirelessly to ensure sustainability and even provide relief to areas in need.

No matter your need, Daikin is ready and waiting with the solution. The Daikin ductless heat pumps are all of the highest quality and reliability available. Their global approach to business has prepared them to provide systems for any climate, space, or desired temperature. They leverage new technology to increase efficiency, save energy, and create durable products. These next-generation technologies are all focused on making life better for the customer.

Daikin’s systems are built to perform in the harshest conditions in the world, and they do so with minimal operating cost and environmental impact. Each unit can be operated individually to create a custom heating and cooling plan for each room. Their units are designed with style in mind and conform to any space and lifestyle.

Daikin is among the world leaders when it comes to manufacturing heating and cooling systems for use in residences. Their consistent drive to innovate has resulted in energy-efficient, reliable systems with intuitive controls. Put simply, Daikin delivers on their products’ promise of comfort. This makes Daikin an ideal ductless heat pump brand for homes in Eugene, Salem, and Portland.

A Variety of Daikin Ductless Options

When you purchase a Daikin Ductless Heat Pump, you’ll have the ability to choose between single and multi-zone systems. A single-zone system includes a single indoor unit. This is often enough to maintain comfortable temperatures in a small home or condo. A multi-zone unit provides multiple indoor units for a greater level of temperature customizability within your home.

Daikin systems also offer several installation options and styles. Their indoor units can be wall-mounted, floor-mounted, concealed or installed as a ceiling cassette. This gives you plenty of options when it comes to installation and means that no matter how your home is set up, you’ll find a Daikin ductless heat pump system that fits your needs.

They offer 15 indoor unit styles that include everything from basic options to those with a modern design aesthetic. This makes it easy to find a style that fits in with your home’s visual style. While some ductless heat pump brands can detract from the stylistic appeal of a well-crafted interior design setting, you won’t find that to be an issue with many Daikin models.

It’s not just the diversity of design that sets Daikin apart. Their model line includes over 30 features and benefit options. Whatever your particular heating or cooling need, whether you want something simple or a system that easily connects to your smart home system, you’ll find the option that is right for you in the Daikin line.

Daikin Heat Pump System Benefits

Daikin’s ductless heat pumps offer unparalleled features due to their constant push to innovate. Each of their product lines is the result of years of research and practical development. With a customer base that circles the globe, Daikin knows how to keep homes comfortable from Poland to Portland, from Ecuador to Eugene, and Spain to Salem.

Air Intelligence

We offer Daikin ductless heat pumps with their trademarked Air Intelligence technology. This system uses smart technology to make continuous yet subtle adjustments to its operation to ensure your home’s preferred temperature never wavers. This differs from other systems that operate in an on/off manner, either blasting you with conditioned air or switched off until its temperature sensor hits above or below the desired settings.

Some Daikin systems also come with an intelligent eye sensor. The eye uses infrared technology to detect movement in the room. This keeps the system working as normal when it detects you’re in the room. If you’re gone for more than 20 minutes, it automatically changes over to energy-saving mode.

Clean Air

Ductless heat pumps are known for the way they improve your home’s indoor air quality. Daikin products raise the bar when it comes to providing fresh, clean air. Most models come standard with intelligent features that keep the air quality inside your home consistently high:

• Air-purifying filter with photocatalytic deodorizing function

• A specialized air filter that reduces mold growth on the filter

• Titanium apatite photocatalytic air-purifying filter

• Wipe-clean flat panel for easy cleaning

Quiet Efficiency

Compared to the traditional ducted systems, Daikin ductless heat pumps can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. Daikin’s models often reach a SEER rating of 26.1 which corresponds with lower monthly utility bills each month. Just the intelligent eye feature alone (mentioned previously) often helps homeowners reduce heating and cooling energy bills by 30% and 20%, respectively, when compared to similar units without the feature.

Even better, this energy efficiency results in an extremely quiet operation. There are times when it will work so quietly that you’ll double-check to make sure you turned the system on. Some units also include an additional quiet mode to further reduce the sound they produce.

Contact The Heat Pump Store to determine which Daikin ductless system is best suited for you. Our ductless specialists will help select the correct size and model for your space and needs. The best way to make sure your new system works for years to come is to get your system professionally sized and installed.

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