Mini-Split Heat Pump Brands

The Heat Pump Store’s Preferred Products Must…

  • Be Reliable

    This means the product is well built and carries a strong warranty

  • Have Incredible Performance

    By this, we mean high efficiency rating and high BTU ratings.

  • Operate in a way that provides great home comfort

    We are committed to making your home comfortable with the best products

  • Have great support

    If something does go wrong, we have every resources available to fix it for you

The Heat Pump Store’s Preferred Products

The Heat Pump Store is proud to carry products from only the most reliable manufacturers of ductless heat pumps. Each one of our trusted partners manufactures reliable, efficient, and durable products that will work for many years to come. Because we focus on this specific line of manufacturers, we are experts in the installation, maintenance, and repair of every product we sell.

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Your Daikin 3D Dealer

Daikin Ductless Heat Pumps

Daikin is a global leader in the air conditioning industry. They have been in business since 1924, and in that time they’ve expanded their reach to include over 140 countries. This world-wide approach to heating and cooling has endowed Daikin with the expertise to service any home and fit anyone’s needs.

Daikin is committed to having a positive impact on the world, so all of their products are environmentally friendly and perform efficiently. Their units can operate individually so that owners can come up with a customized heating and cooling plan for each room. They also come in a variety of styles so they can look as great as they function.

Your Elite Excellence LG contractor

LG Ductless Heat Pumps

Life’s Good when you choose LG products because everything they make is designed to maximize the comfort level in your home. Their duct-free heating and cooling technology combines sleek appearance with an unbeatable performance to create an overall quality that’s as good as any manufacturer in the business.

LG has been in business since 1947, and though they are constantly on the cutting edge of innovative technology for the home, they also remain committed to their guiding principles. They stand by the dedication to customers that first made them successful, and it shows in every phenomenal product the brand creates. LG creates single-zone and multi-zone systems to give their users maximum comfort and control.

Your Fujitsu Elite Contractor

Fujitsu Ductless Heat Pumps

Fujitsu strives to create perfect air for their users without calling unnecessary attention to the products themselves. Their commitment to maintaining the traditional appearance of your home is a result of their long and rich history of adding value for consumers. Fujitsu believes that happy employees are the most helpful, and make the best products. This belief is paying off, and the brand has been a leader in the industry since it first started in 1935.

Fujitsu products are as diverse as the people who use them and provide creative solutions to fit any needs. Their ductless systems and heat pumps can be operated individually or together, and there hundreds of thousands of possible combinations. You’re sure to find just the one for your living space.

Your Mitsubishi Dealer

Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi started as a transportation company, and this helped them establish connections all over the globe. They leveraged their network to build an understanding of what people need in different environments. This ability to think globally served them well as they transitioned into the heating and cooling systems industry.

Mitsubishi’s reliable products provide a steady performance that can be adapted to your personalized plan for heating and cooling. They are a top contender for anyone who needs a new ductless heating and cooling system. You can feel great about purchasing from Mitsubishi because of the excellence of their products.

 Panasonic Certified Contractor

Panasonic Ductless Heat Pumps

Panasonic delivers optimized comfort and energy efficiency through their state of the art products. The brand maximizes energy savings by tailoring their performance to the occupancy levels and room conditions of each individual space.

Panasonic is an innovative company that focuses on creating a better future for all of their consumers. The brand has a wide-reaching expertise that spans across multiple industries. They use their diverse experience to combine technologies and create some of the best heating and cooling solutions available on the market. Their partnerships with cities, venues, and businesses are focused on helping the energy and utilities industry progress responsibly, and you’ll see the results of their efforts clearly when you choose Panasonic products.

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